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In a similar way that we suggested you listen to your users, we'd like to know your opinion about the Tips and Myths published in this book as well as to have your cooperation if you have new Tips you'd like to share with us and the other readers in order to publish them in the second edition.

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First, the purposes of the Website are defined, and then, the metrics.

Celeste: Every day I have arguments in my company, because people say that the website is not successful. I don’t know how to explain them that the website is a necessary tool and we have to continue investing in it. Th...more

The security certificate was not issued by an “Authorized Certification Body”

Leandro: We have requested a security certificate for the hired hosting, but every time we enter there appears the following statement "The site's security certificate is not trusted!" In order that the u...more

Breadcrumbs navigation

Emanuel: "I have a very big site with databases and I’m receiving many suggestions to better arrange the site and show where the user is located within the page" When someone has many internal links with more than 1 lev...more

Videos can’t be part of emails

Giancarlo: “I have to attach a video to be seen in the body of the mail, is this possible?” Videos cannot be "embedded" in emails; however, there is a trick to emulate this: 1) make a video screen print in the o...more

Developing in HTML5

Javier: "We have users who access from last generation smartphones and complain because the website is not seen clearly, while in the old smartphones it is." With the advent of HTML5 also comes compatibility between the different bro...more

The flash fullscreen cannot be controlled from outside it.

David: "We’d like to control the menus of a video player from html through javascript. We’ve been able to control everything, except the fullscreen."
For security reasons, the fullscreen cannot be controlled from a ...more

Moving DNS is not enough

Ashley: "We have hired a new consulting company which has developed a new website. A month ago, we made changes to the relevant DNS to be managed by the new ISP, but some people have not been able to see the new development yet"<...more

Animated gifts cannot be seen in Outlook 2007

Harold: We developed an email of news in which we put an animated gift. Our client can see it in some computers, but in others it only sees a static image. Everybody has outlook, but different versions." Email visualization...more

Safety palette / True web colors

Andrea y Carlos: "A client told us that he sees orange as brown. Is there any way to ensure that colors look the same on all monitors?" There is a total of 216 colors called “true web colors” that can be used to design...more

If it’s important, make sure which the Flash version on the client’s computer is.

Andrea y Carlos: "A client told us that he cannot see an animation in flash which is important for the website. After some time, we’ve found out that the problem was that the client had an old flash version …”" If ou...more