About the book

“Nowadays, whether we run a shop, a small sized company or a global corporation, we all need a Website and an online strategy. Whether we work alone or not, we know it’s necessary to have a solid online presence in order to achieve our goals. Not having a website or at least an online presence not only makes it harder for people to find us, it’ll also send out the wrong message. Consider the following: what goes through your head when someone gives you a business card containing an email ending in “@hotmail.com”?
“We wrote this book with the “owner” or the “person responsible” for a Website in mind, or even more so, with the person in charge of carrying out the online business strategy in mind. This is the person who has to make decisions that will affect your business without having all the tools at hand. This book will be useful to you so that you can evaluate the pros and cons of every decision both, when it comes to leading a project as well as when it comes to somehow taking part in it. It is the same need that many of our clients have. And they have inspired us to embark on this project.”

222 TIPS FOR DOING BUSINESS ON THE INTERNET” gives you 222 clearly explained, practical steps to improve the way you do business on the Internet and maximize potential. Learn now to create an effective, well-positioned website that engages your target audiences.
The book is a quick read that succinctly covers what you need to know to do business on the web:

• how the Internet works
• getting web visibility
• understanding user needs
• building your reputation
• creating a strong web presence
• maximizing performance and potential
• handling competition
• glimpsing the future of the Internet

It also includes a section entitled “THE MYTHS ABOUT THE INTERNET” (from A to Z).